Country Woods, LLC 
                    manufacturer of wood photo urns for pets
                                                        made in the United States


We added wood photo urns for pets to our product line in 2005.  Our first step involved contacting 12 different crematories across the country to ask what features they would like to see in an urn and incorporating these ideas into our design.

As a result, our urns feature a 'pop out' frame which makes inserting a picture user friendly.  Simply slide the frame to the left and lift out the right side.  This feature allows us to put the remains in behind the picture giving the urn a nice clean look without visible screw holes.

We use genuine north American hardwoods: cherry, oak, walnut, and maple.  The clear wood finish allows the natural beauty of the wood to show - we do not stain our products.  Being a clear wood finish, wood grains and tones will vary making each urn as unique as your pet.  Please note: natural cherry initially can be a light cream, tan, caramel, or pink color but darkens over time to a beautiful, warm, reddish brown color.

The frames are laser engraved and we offer 6 different frames to choose from including rectangle, oval, 3 different heart options, and a double oval.  We also offer optional laser engraving services for those who would like to personalize the frame (with the exception of the rectangle), or the urn itself.  Feel free to mix and match the wood of the urn with the wood of the frame such as a walnut urn with a cherry frame.

The urns are available in 30 cubic inch, 70 cubic inch, and 120 cubic inch sizes.

We do offer a  220 cubic inch photo urn in oak or cherry featuring an oval frame and paw prints in 2 corners.  We do not offer other options with this urn.

We manufacture our urns in Wisconsin and sell wholesale to pet crematories, cemeteries, and related businesses across the country. 

Please view our product slideshow to see our urns.

Our urns are made in the United States and are of excellent quality. Enjoy the benefits of working with a family business who take pride in their work! 

"Every Wood Grain and Tone As Unique As Your Pet"
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